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Specialist in Humanities/International Services

Criteria to be permitted

Specialist in Humanities/International Services?
The applicant must fulfill the following conditions, unless the applicant is to engage in work related to representation in association with the procedures for an international arbitration case, who falls under Article 58-2 of the Foreign Lawyer’s Law
(Law No. 66 of 1986).

  1. In case where the applicant is to engage in a job requiring knowledge in the humanities, the applicant must have graduated from or completed a course at a college or acquired equivalent education majoring in a subject relevant to the knowledge required for performing the work concerned, or have at least 10 years practical experience (including the period of time spent majoring in the required knowledge at college, “Koto senmongakko”, senior high school, the latter half of unified secondary school, Chutokyouikugakko or during a specialized course of study at an advanced vocational school, Senshugakko.
  2. In case where the applicant is to engage in a job requiring specific ways of thought orsensitivity based on experience with foreign culture, the applicant must fulfill the following conditions:
  3. A:The applicant is to engage in translation, interpretation, instruction in language, public relations, advertising or overseas transactions, fashion or interior design, product development, copywriting or other similar work.

    B:The applicant must have at least 3 years�ユ experience in a job relating to the relevant job, except in cases where the applicant who has graduated from college is planning to engage in work involving translation, interpretation or instruction in languages.

  4. The applicant should receive no less salary than a Japanese national would receive for comparable work.

Supporting Docment

  1. Copies of the company registration and a statement of profit and loss of the recipient organization.
  2. Materials describing the business undertaken by the recipient organization.
  3. A diploma or a certificate of graduation with a major in a subject relating to the activity of the person concerned, and documents certifying his or her professional career.
  4. Documents certifying the activity, its duration, the position, and the remuneration of the person concerned.


  1. If it is impossible to submit the original of a document, please submit a photocopy.
  2. Applicants may be requested to submit such documents as a letter giving the reason for the invitation or a letter of guarantee from the person in Japan inviting them, in addition to the other documents.
  3. All documents are to be submitted directly by the applicant