According to the Immigration Bureau, only who graduated from university majoring in a science course*, or who has a professional experience of more than ten years, qualifies for the residence status Engineer.

However, more than ten years of professional experience, in fact, means more than ten years of practical experience, including the period of time spent studying the relevant skills and knowledge at college, Kotosenmongakko, senior high school, the latter course of secondary educational school (Chutokyouikugakko) or during specialized course of study at an advanced vocational school (Senshugakko). So, a ten-year job history is not necessarily needed to qualify.

Among my clients were people with a two-year specialized course at high school, computer science major at a four-year university, but dropped out after two years, and a total work history of six years with various telecommunication and internet provider companies or similar careers of whom the majority received the Engineer residence status. If you are thinking about getting an engineer visa, please contact me for advise.